Senufo Mission to Mali, West Africa - 2014

We are glad to report that our mission to the Senufo people of Southern Mali is complete. Through your prayers and support, E-Tech Missions successfully shared Christ in a language they could understand. Several committed to Christ including Ladgi, a young man who will join six other believers who meet in a village home in Southern Mali. 

Our mission was in partnership with Reach the Rest who has a church planting work among the Senufo people. E-Tech Missions supplied and distributed heart language gospel resources to promote their church planting strategy so some day a strong Senufo church will be established. 

We started in the capitol city of Bamako that began a journey to the village of Fourou, Siama, and Zegoua. Transportation was limited but we were able to secure a passenger car; it did get us around but we had several break-downs that included everything from our exhaust falling off to the car needing a new wiring harness. In the end, we were thankful for God's provisions and now have great memories. 

We were able to share the gospel with many people and distribute the heart language resources to the multitudes. In all, 1,000 scripture booklets, 200 Audio cell-phone Bibles, and 50 Solar Bibles were distributed as well as showing the Jesus Film in each village. Recent reports from Reach the Rest testifies to how the Lord is still using these resource to bring people to Himself. 

The seed is now in the hands of the people and God will honor the labor. Thanks to the many people who contributed to this project and especially to those who have chosen to support the long term goals and projects of E-Tech Missions through monthly sponsorship and prayers. You are our partners in the gospel and your reward will one day be evident to everyone. 

Wherever you are, find a way to give, go, or pray for those still waiting to hear the good new of Christ!