God's Battle Strategy

Once again, Syria seems to have dominated the news, another conflict that many Americans want to avoid...we are tired of conflict. While several reasons have been given as to why we shouldn't be involved, the fear of losing is not ranked among the top. Let's face it, America has a reputation for winning. Historically, we have believed that our blessings were linked to our trust in God, we agreed with the psalmist who wrote: 

"For by their sword they did not posses the land, and their own arm did not save them, but your right hand and your arm and the light of your presence, for you favored them." Psalm 44:3

Unfortunately, things are changing. Many people refuse to embrace God as the foundation of our history or the sustainer of our future. As that sentiment continues to grow, our nation has no choice but to attribute our success to our own strength. As Christians, we know this is a prideful stance toward heaven, it's a dangerous test of God's mercy.    

Furthermore, there's a battle raging in the spiritual realm, a battle between God's kingdom and darkness.  As the church, we must guard against trusting in our own swords, or perhaps our own strategies and resources. God will not be robbed of his glory, even if our goal is the unreached and unengaged. God will in fact reach them, but it will be with his right hand, his arm...and the light of his presence.