An Unacceptable Fact

Unreached and Unengaged -- Statistically, this should be an impossibility. While it's true there are over 3,000 unreached people groups, there are 900 churches for each one of them. Nine hundred churches with one primary mandate, reach others with the Gospel. Imagine one of your children stricken with a deadly but curable sickness. No obstacles or fears could persuade you to accept their would be unacceptable. How much more the Lord who so loved the world, and how much more should it cause us to look at the numbers and say...that's unacceptable.

While we often speak of why the unreached are still unreached, could it be that the "unreached and unengaged" language has become too common, and common leads to comfortable? We often hear the statistics and they don't quite have the shock value as when we first heard them. May the Lord give us a heart that never becomes comfortable with the statistics and until the numbers reach zero...may they always be unacceptable.