10 Habits Hard to Break

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Living in West Africa for four years allowed us to experience both the blessings and hardships of being in another culture. Relationships, languages, food, and weather are just a few of the adjustments to make. It isn't until you return to your own culture that the missionary finds that some habits are just hard to break, here are a few of our favorites.

1. Throwing away a perfectly good ziplock baggie - wash it and stick it on the wall to dry.

2. Honking at the stoplight - It's just a common courtesy to the driver ahead of you.

3. Shaking my shoes out each morning - always exciting to see what may drop out.

4. Asking our friends if it's o.k. to drink water straight from the tap.

5. Using the phrase "it's o.k." as a response….to anything.

6. Wondering how far it is when I hear "It is close" - it really is about perspective!

7. Wondering if a Wal-Mart worker could lower the price for me - it NEVER hurts to ask.

8. Eating off other peoples plates - Americans have a long ways to go on this one. 

9. Never using my left hand - this is awkward at the McDonald's drive-through and really test my flexibility.   

10.The burden of always thinking, praying, and weeping over the multitudes of so many African friends and strangers - wondering if they will ever experience the peace and joy of knowing Christ. 

I hope #10 never changes.