Not Enough Light

While there are numerous reasons why people may choose to reject Christ, there are many who have never heard a clear presentation of the gospel. For these people, they are simply waiting for someone to travel their dusty roads and tell them about Jesus in a language they understand. 


One afternoon as we shared the gospel from hut to hut, we explained to one family how every nation, tribe, people, and tongue will be represented around God's throne, even the Konkomba people. Using an interpreter, I asked Bingrine, the elderly lady  of the home if she would be one of the Konkomba who would be rejoicing around God's throne. In sadness, she informed me that she would not be there; I asked her why and the response was that she "didn't have enough light." In West African terms, I knew she meant that she didn't know how to get there. It was the perfect opportunity to leave a solar "story-teller" in her heart language that would explain the gospel in her Konkomba language.  

The next morning, the people were instructed to meet under the village tree if they desired to follow this Jesus they had heard about during the week. As the people started to gather, I noticed Bingrine approaching with her wooden stool and take her place under the tree. She told us that she had decided to become a Christian because of the love that the Christians had shown her in bringing this message.

God did an amazing work and their first church service lasted almost 2 hours under that tree…the people had found true light!