A Promise Worth Keeping

With so many missionary friends around the world, it’s not uncommon to receive their reports and appeals for prayer. Almost all of us have made a promise to pray for a missionary at some point. In fact, the promise was easy to make but finding our hearts burdened to pray is sometimes another story. Does out of sight really mean out of mind? 

Missionaries face daily challenges as they fulfill the call to minister and share the gospel with people groups across the globe. Language learning, personal safety, culture shock, and missing home only scratch the surface of what they deal with on a daily basis. 

Missionaries aren't asking for prayer, they are pleading for it. These dedicated servants deal with spiritual warfare at a level that few Christians in America will ever experience.  Satan will never ever give an inch without a battle and Christians on the frontlines will often take the brunt of his assaults. These assaults are spiritual in nature and can only be fought in the spiritual arena. Praying is more than preparing for the battlefield, prayer is the battlefield! 

Do you have a prayer card on your refrigerator, a bookmark in a drawer?  Will you make a fresh commitment to faithfully pray for the person, family, or whoever the Lord has brought to mind while reading this? Embrace it as an honor to intercede on behalf of these faithful servants. It’s our duty, it’s our privilege, and it’s a promise worth keeping.