West Africa 2013 Report

Wow, where to begin? I left America on May 23rd for a 36 day journey into Ghana and the Ivory Coast. On arrival in West Africa, I met up with Sam, a friend who once ministered in Ghana. Sam would be my ministry partner throughout the trip. We traveled 13 hours by bus to the city of Tamale where we met up with local pastors Joshua, Mohammed, and Simone. They had gained permission from the local chief in the Zabzugu area to share Christ with his village, a village where no Konkomba church existed. 

During the week, we shared God's word and our personal testimonies. One hundred micro-sd audio Bibles were distributed in the Konkomba language for use on their cell phones. For many of the people, this was the first time of hearing God's word in their heart language. Although the village doesn't have electricity or running water, they do have cell phones! Many of you are wondering how the phones stay charged without electricity. While there are several options, the most common is the village entrepreneur who runs a gas generator each day and will charge 15 to 20 cents to charge a phone. It's a system that works. 

At night, we played the Jesus Film in the Konkomba language in addition to distributing hundreds of scripture booklets and solar story tellers that explained the story of "Creation to Christ."   

"I don't have enough light.."



One afternoon as we shared the gospel from hut to hut, I explained to one family how every nation, tribe, people, and tongue will be represented around God's throne, even the Konkomba people. Using an interpreter, I asked Bingrine, the elderly lady  of the home if she would be one of the Konkomba who would be rejoicing around God's throne. In sadness, she informed me that she would not be there; I asked her why and the response was that she "didn't have enough light." In West African terms, I knew she meant that she didn't know how to get there. It was the perfect opportunity to leave a solar "story-teller" in her heart language that would explain the gospel in her Konkomba language.  

The next morning, the people were instructed to meet under the village tree if they desired to follow this Jesus they had heard about during the week. As the people started to gather, I noticed Bingrine approaching with her wooden stool and take her place under the tree. She told the local pastor that she had decided to become a Christian because of the love that the Christians had shown her in bringing this message. God did an amazing work in the Konkomba people, their first church service lasted almost 2 hours under that tree!

We traveled from the east of Ghana near the Togo border to the west of Ghana near the Cote d'Ivoire border. One of our weeks was dedicated to exploring "Gonja-land." The Gonja have historically practiced their traditional African religion mixed with Islam. We really had no connections except for Sowah, a Ghanaian friend who has a heart for missions. We traveled from village to village telling them we were Christians with a message from God in their heart language of Gonja.


Three different chiefs invited us to stay and show the Jesus film. We had a solar powered projector that required no electricity or generator, technology that was used by God. We had a great time sharing, teaching, and explaining the Jesus we know. Our accommodations included hot weather, tents, schools, bucket baths, hungry mosquitos, as well as curious chickens and goats. Seed was sown as we watched God move among the people - relationships were built that still continue today.   

"...over 2,500 people heard the gospel"

Another two weeks were spent in the slum areas of Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire. In these areas, we had the opportunity to partner with local churches, local missionaries, and IMB missionaries. In all, over 2,500 people heard the gospel in five different languages (Dagbani, Zarma, Konkomba, Gonja, and French). The Jesus Film and the "God Story" was played in 12 different public locations in addition to our audio Bible and scripture distribution.

On day 32, I was put down with malaria for a couple of days but under the circumstances, that's not bad! My faith grew as I seen the Lord provide a ministry partner (as well as local partners), and all that was needed for this trip to be fruitful. God used so many of you through your praying and giving, a partnership truly designed in heaven.

We are now planning a trip into Mali, Africa to work among the Senufo people. Will you pray about partnering with us for this next trip or as a monthly partner? Stay involved by staying informed, sign up for our E-newsletter today.

Until next time, may the Lord keep you steadfast and faithful.  Thank you! 

Jon Moody / E-Tech Missions