A Few More Suggestions...

  • Know your audience, many younger people prefer a personal email over hardcopy while older folks might prefer a mailed letter. Personally, I use social media for sharing online and also send a personal letter to each person (it is worth the stamps). Do not underestimate the effect of someone being able to hold and read a letter you have personally sent to them in the mail, asking them to join you in partnership. Be sure to send an update 2 to 4 weeks later (depending on your deadlines - social and hardcopy) to the same list as the first mailing. Many people will often intend to partner with you but not until a second update reminds them. 
  • It is essential to immediately acknowledge each response, whether a financial gift or someone who advises they will partner with you in prayer. Again, I often send an email or FB message with a thank you and then follow up with mailed thank you note to their home address. Timelines is a priority because you do not want donors wondering if their gift made it through and/or if it really matters. An immediate response speaks volumes about your appreciation and validates what they have done on behalf of the nations. 
  • Another reason to keep your list of contacts is to give updates and prayer requests through your fundraising efforts. Be sure to send a final update when the trip has concluded, preferably within the first 10 days of your return. Again, this allows a timely response for those who have been praying and wondering how everything went on the trip. People want to know they have made an impact, and it's just appropriate to give them a final thank you for being part of our team.