I met Baraka in 2010, a very old but gentle Muslim woman living in the slums of Ghana.
Baraka spoke only Hausa and was waiting for someone to share the gospel in her heart language.
However, things went terribly wrong…this is her story.



Imagine being born into a world where the first strike against you is that you are a woman. You mean little more to your husband than someone who cooks his meals and takes care of the children. All your life, you have been told that you are not worthy enough to understand the things of God. This is my world...my name is Baraka and I was born a Muslim. 

I was born in Africa many years ago and can only speak my tribal language of Hausa. When I was young, I stayed busy helping the older women with household chores and taking care of the other children. We take our water from a well and cook our rice over charcoal in the courtyard. We have no electricity and wash our clothes by hand, so we have little time for education or recreation. My name is Baraka...and I am a Muslim. 

I have to admit, I live in fear of God...

When I was a child, I remember the elders talking about God and his prophet Mohammed. I wanted to know more about God (who we call Allah) but only the boys can understand the true things of God. In fact, our spiritual leaders say that most people in hell will be women. I have to admit, I live in fear of God and do not know if he will accept me on the Day of Judgment. However, if I am a good mother and wife, Allah might have mercy on me. My name is Baraka...and I am a Muslim. 

In West Africa, we follow the true teachings of Mohammed; he taught that only good Muslims have a chance of heaven. I've heard that Christians believe God became like a man and died on a cross. God could never do such a thing, He is God! God cannot be killed! However, Christians believe in the prophet Jesus just as we believe in the prophet Mohammed. Mohammed and Jesus will help us get to heaven. My name is Baraka...and I am a Muslim. 

I have lived through many hardships and seen most of my friends die too young. By God's grace, I am now very old but my health is failing, I believe I will soon meet God. I'm scared, there is no way of knowing what Allah will do with me. I've heard that Christians believe they will go to heaven when they die because of Jesus. However, a Christian has never shared this message with me. How could they? I've never met a Christian who speaks Hausa. A few months ago, I met Christians living in Africa who will bring me an audio Bible that explains the message of Jesus in my tribal language of Hausa. I wonder if Jesus can speak Hausa? My name is Baraka...and I am a Muslim. 

My breathing is becoming more difficult...

Two weeks ago, I suddenly became very sick. I am on a mattress in the corner of a dark room, but I cannot speak. My breathing is becoming more difficult and I am semi-conscious. My brother is faithfully watching over me, but he thinks I will soon be dead.  

The Christian from America came to my house but I could not understand what he was saying as he held my hand and prayed for me. I know that he is leaving for America today but I'm not sure I will be alive when he returns. I don't know if I will ever hear about Jesus in my own language, how I wish someone would have come sooner! My name is Baraka...and I will die a Muslim. 

 Baraka died 4 days later…never hearing about Jesus in a language she could understand.